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Where to Find Space Roxy Keychain Location in FNAF Security Breach

Where to Find Space Roxy Keychain Location in FNAF Security Breach

FNAF Security Breach has many collectibles for you to find in the game. Some of them are easy to see and you can come across them on your journey, while others are harder to spot. In this guide, we will see where to find the Space Roxy Keychain in FNAF Security Breach.

FNAF Security Breach Space Roxy Keychain Location

Exploring the Pizzaplex will give you many hidden rewards that you can add to your collection. Not all items are located in one place, so you will have to look around to find the item you need. Here we will see where the Space Roxy Keychain is located in FNAF Security Breach.

Before starting the mission, you will first need a Party Pass. With the Party Pass, you will gain access to the Fazer Blast area. To get the Party Pass, head over to Rock Star Row and get into Chica’s Green Room. You can find a Party Pass in there. Once you get the Pass, head over to Fazer Blast and hand over your Party Pass to the Security bot that is there. This is the only way to enter Fazer Blast.

Once inside Fazer Blast, turn left and keep walking till you reach two doorways. One of the doors will say No Entry, and you will have to take the door that does not have any such signs on it. Once you are through the door, head down the hallway and go to the first door you can see on your left. It will lead you to a small washroom. Go to the toilet to see a present on it. Once you open it, you will get the Space Roxy Keychain.

That’s all there is to know about the Space Roxy Keychain Location in FNAF Security Breach. You can check out our other game guides on the site to know more.

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