Where to Find Mohg Lord of Blood Location in Elden Ring

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Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s most ambitious release to date, with the developers abandoning typical linear, linked map layouts in favour of a more open environment. As a result, many players who are unfamiliar with large landscapes may miss a lot of stuff that more cautious players who like exploring may locate.

The addition of vertical levels to ground regions was one such feature implemented in this game. The Siofra River, for example, shares the same geographical position as East Limgrave, but it resides in a more remote, subterranean area that can only be accessed through a lift. 

All of these underground locations are full of surprises just waiting to be discovered, including specific bosses who can only be found underground. Mohg, Lord of Blood, is one of these bosses.

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Who is Mohg, Lord of Blood in Elden Ring?

Mohg, Lord of Blood is the founder of the Mohgwyn dynasty and the present king of Mohgwyn Palace. He is not to be confused with Mohg, the Omen (a story for another day). This is one of the subterranean areas that you won’t be able to reach until much later in the game.

Mohg is no pushover as an end-game boss. This blood manipulator and Blood Magic generator may be found above Mohgwyn Palace after clearing a lake of blood and going through the caverns beneath the palace itself. When you reach the finish, you’ll find a Site of Grace beside a platform that, when lifted, leads to the Mohg fight arena at the top of a Shrine.

Mohg appears from a pool of blood left behind by his half-brother Miquella and attacks the player with a slew of Blood magic sorceries. He alternates it with physical assaults from his staff to keep the Tarnished guessing what he’ll do next. He also wraps his sword with Bloodflame, which he lights up and explodes after the cut. His second phase haemorrhages players three times in a row, necessitating speedy recovery to get through the burst.

How to Get to Mohgwny Palace in Elden Ring?

Mohgwyn Palace may be reached in two ways. One of these is available considerably early in the game:

  1. Using a waygate in the western region of the Consecrated Snowfield, players are teleported to the lake of blood’s entrance.
  1. Follow White-Faced Varre’s journey until he reaches Rose Church. After three invasions, he will grant players a talisman that will teleport them to the entrance to Mohgwyn Palace, completely skipping the pool of blood.

The second of these two options is available relatively early in the game, shortly after reaching Liurnia of the Lakes. However, going to Mohgwyn Palace at that point in the game is not suggested for beginner players due to the high level of difficulty that an end-game region delivers.

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