Lost Judgment

Where to Find Beehives Location in Lost Judgment

How to Get Beehives in Lost Judgment

With the goal of creating extracts, the game will require you to hunt and find a range of items from the initial request from Iyama to when you start making the extracts for yourself. You will meet Iyama in Chapter 3 and the game introduces you to extracts. One of the extracts items you need to find is Beehives. The great thing about finding this item is that it appears in the same place as the mysterious fruit, so you can get two items at once. Keep reading and we will show you how to find Beehives in Lost Judgement.

Beehives Location in Lost Judgment

You can find Beehives in Chinatown from the Yi Xing Tang shop, from Komai at Seiryo High School, or as a drop-in Bar District.

At the Yi Xing Tang shop in Chinatown, the Beehives cost 1,300 yen. You can pay the same price to Komai at Seiryo High School to buy the item.

The third option for you is to look around in Bar District. You can find the items as a white material drop. As the item is rare, you may not find the item in your first run of the area. Return to the area a few times as beehives respawn and you can find it. Check out the below map for the exact area to look at.

Bar District

Beehives are a rare item and used in a bunch of recipes, so it’s necessary that you get the item. That’s all we have in this guide. Check out the game category for more guides and tips to play Lost judgement.

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