Lost Judgment

Where to Sell Items in Lost Judgment

Where to Sell Items In Lost Judgment

One of the ways to stack up cash in Lost Judgement is to sell items that you have picked over the course of your detours of the city. Besides the item drops, there is a range of things you can come to possess in the game and there is a limit on the number of items you can carry. So, selling them to free up space so you can get more of the item is the logical way to go. For example, you can get plates in the game and they are very valuable, but you can carry ten max. Keep reading and we will show you how to buy and sell items in Lost Judgement.

Lost Judgement – Where to Sell Items

Every shop in the game can be used to purchase items. There are specific items in the game that can only be purchased from select shops. Similarly, you cannot sell items on you to every shop, there are very specific shops for that.

To sell items in Lost Judgement, you need to locate the nearest pawn shop. The first one that becomes accessible quite early in the game is the Benten Pawn Shop, it’s next to the Taikin Bridge. You can see its location on the below map.

Benten Pawn Map
Benten Pawn Map

Go to the shop and you will have three options, choose ‘I’m here to sell’ and you will be able to sell items on you at the shop.

The game has three pawn shops in total. The other two are Yokohama Ebisu Pawn and Kamurocho Ebisu Pawn. Check out the map below for their exact locations.  

Ebisu Pawn Map

These are the places you can sell items in Lost Judgement. Check out the game category for more guides and tips to play the game.

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