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Where to Find AI Bots in Warzone 2

While AI bots are an integral aspect in most Call of Duty games, they never had a fixed point of interest. You could uncover AI and enemy players in various locations on the map at the same time. But in Warzone 2, there are certain points of interest where you can specifically find AI. In this guide, we will see where to locate all AI bots in Warzone 2.

Where to Spot AI Bots in Warzone 2

There are fixed spawn points around the Al Mazrah map where you can encounter AI Bots. Here we will see where to locate them in Warzone 2.

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Unlike earlier Call of Duty games where you can encounter AI around the map, in Warzone 2 there will be fixed spawn points around Al Mazrah. You will mainly encounter bots in the newly launched DMZ mode, and they are mostly spotted guarding Strongholds and Black Sites. These areas are mostly off-limits unless you prefer to go in and perform combat, so you can choose to ignore these areas entirely. This will not affect your gameplay, but you might miss out on some valuable loot.

Another area where you can encounter an AI is when you enter the Gulag. You will only get to the Gulag if you are eliminated in a match, giving you another chance to prove your worth to get back out. The AI is a Juggernaut that goes by the name Jailer. You get to encounter them somewhere towards the mid to end of the round. This will be your indicator to speed things up by either defeating the Jailer or eliminating all players in the Gulag, which will help you get out of there and back into a match.

That’s all there is to know about AI spawn points and where to locate them in Warzone 2. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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