When Will Chainsaw Man English Dub Release

When Will Chainsaw Man English Dub Release

According to Crunchyroll, the debut date for the English dub of the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man is October 25. The premiere of one of 2022’s most popular anime, about a young devil hunter, resurrected from the dead with chainsaws all over his body, was made available to watch on October 26 AEST at 12:30 PM Pacific / 3:30 PM Eastern / 8:30 PM UK time.

Chainsaw Man Voice Actor Cast

The English dub of Chainsaw Man comprises an ensemble of voice actors from other popular anime, such as those from Attack on Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Ryan Colt Levy from My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission voices the protagonist Denji, Reagan Murdock from Dragon Ball Super will take the role of Aki Hayakawa, Pochita will be played by Lindsay Seidel from Attack on Titan, while Suzie Yeung from Demon Slayer plays Makima, and black clover voice actor Sarah Wiedenheft will be playing Power.

Crunchyroll has promised that more cast members would be revealed soon, perhaps in the next few days given that the few episodes that have been released are everything a fan could hope for.

When will the Next Subbed Episodes be Released?

The first three episodes of Chainsaw Man, which premiered on the service on October 11, are available in their original Japanese with English subtitles. Each subsequent Tuesday will bring the release of one of the final nine episodes, and the English dub will follow the same schedule.

That was all the information we had on when will Chainsaw Man English dub be released. As more details come to light, we will update this article. Be sure to check it out later. Thank you for reading this article.

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