Solo Leveling: Release Date, Cast, and Where to Watch It

Solo Leveling Release Date, Cast, and Where to Watch It

Chu-gong’s “Solo Leveling” is a popular Korean web novel that has been adapted into Manhwa. It has amassed a massive fan base and is quite well-liked. Everyone has heard about Solo Leveling, even if they are not familiar with or interested in Manhwa. Solo Leveling’s success in the Manhwa World is comparable to that of One Piece or Naruto among their fanbases.

The Anime Adaptation of Solo Leveling

It’s no surprise that the announcement of an anime version of this Manhwa has generated so much enthusiasm. So, let’s dig into all the information we have on Solo Leveling: 

A live-action adaptation of the popular manhwa Solo Leveling, directed by Shunsuke Nakashige and available on Crunchyroll, is scheduled to premiere in 2023. None of the Voice Actors have been announced yet.

Solo Leveling Release Date

Unfortunately, Solo Leveling’s official release date has not been determined as of yet. However, Crunchyroll previewed a clip from the adaptation at this year’s Anime Expo in July.

We anticipate the release of Solo Leveling sometime around 2023. It usually takes around a year and a half to two years from the time of an official announcement until an anime is completed and released. According to the data, it will most likely premiere in August or July. But we have to wait for the formal announcement before drawing any conclusions.

Plot Synopsis

Monsters from beyond Gates threaten the world of Solo Leveling, and only humans endowed with special magical abilities, known as Hunters, can stand in their way. According to their skills, the Hunters can be segregated into different classes.

E-Rank Hunter Sung Jinwoo is quite feeble. The mysterious ‘System’ grants him talents after he survives a particularly challenging Dungeon that kills off the rest of his team. With this, he can level up indefinitely, but with great power comes great responsibility and new foes to face.


The show’s director is Shunsuke Nakashige, while Noburu Kimura has been appointed to the position of head director. The show’s musical score will be composed and conducted by Hiroyuki Sawano. There has been no announcement regarding the voice cast for now.

The series will be streamed on Crunchyroll and made available around the world. This indicates that a dubbed version of the show will be released soon after the Japanese subbed version.

Production House and Where to Watch It

At Anime Expo, Crunchyroll unveiled the Key Visual for the upcoming Solo Leveling series. A1 Pictures will be in charge of the anime’s production. It will be available to watch on Crunchyroll.

Solo Leveling Illustrator Passed Away

The artist of Solo Leveling, Dubu aka Jang Sung Rak, passed unexpectedly on July 23 from complications related to a cerebral hemorrhage. He was just 40 when the tragedy struck, but now his legacy is being remembered by millions.

Our Thoughts

The quality and presentation of Manhwa adaptations are infamously low. They either skimp on important plot points or have subpar visuals and animation.  Tower of God and God of High School are prime examples of this. We can only hope that the animators do justice to the Manhwa whose selling point is the quality of the artwork.

That was all the spoiler-free content we had on Solo Leveling. We will update this post with new information as it gets released so please check it again. Thank you for reading this article.

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