What is Pity System in Honkai Star Rail- Explained

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Hokai Star Rail is the latest fantasy action role-playing game released on 25th April 2023. Whenever a new game comes, certain things confuse players, and not necessarily, every game aspect will be prominent. A few aspects run in the background and make the game more exciting. The Pity system in Honkai Star Rail is one of those systems that run in the background and makes the gameplay exciting, especially for the players who are unlucky during pulls.

This guide will help players know how the Pity System works in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Pity System- How It Works?

If you are familiar with the gacha system in the games, you know that this system allows players to get random rewards in every pull. This system is already working in Genshin Impact, and Honkai Star Rail has this same system with a different name- Wrap System. Pity is closely related to the Wrap system of this game.

If you are confused, let me explain that the wrap system is like getting gifts from a vending machine. You will get random rewards, and you can get even the same thing twice or thrice. Similarly, in Honkai Star Rail, pulls in the Wrap system provide players with random weapons and characters, and not necessarily they are 4-star characters. If you are unlucky, you may not get a single 4-star reward even after so many tries. Here comes the Pity system, which will help players get a four-star or five-star character and weapon after a certain number of pulls.

Honkai Star Rail Pity System- How It Works

Pity System works differently for every Wrap. Though for every Wrap, the Four-star reward criteria are set to 10, the five-star reward criteria differ for each. For example, In Regular Wrap, the Five-star criterion is 90 Pulls; in Departure Wrap, the criterion is 50 pulls; coming to Light Cone Event Wrap and Character Event Wrap, the criteria are 80 and 90 pulls, respectively. Remember, these are for Characters only. Also, another noteworthy thing is that your Pity will be carried forward between the same banners but not between different banners. Therefore, if you don’t get your required reward in the Event banner, your Pity will continue to the next banner of the same type. But if the banner type changes, it won’t work.

That’s all you need to know about how Pity System Works in Honkai Star Rails.

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