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What is Festive Fervor Event End Date and When Does Krampus Leave Warzone and Vanguard?

What is Festive Fervor Event End Date and when does Krampus Leave Warzone and Vanguard

Most games are gearing up for the holiday season by giving fans new events and challenges which they, in turn, will get many holiday-themed rewards. Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard are no exception, and fans are scrambling to finish the quests to get new rewards that include XP, skins, and costumes. With the release of the Festive Fervor event that started on December 16th, fans of the Battle Royale can now get a chance to upgrade their weapons and hunt new enemies. Here we will get to know how long the event is for and about a monster called the Krampus.

Festive Fervor Event End Date in Warzone and Vanguard

Warzone and Vanguard are giving their players a holiday treat in the form of the Festive Fervor Event. Along with this, there is also the double XP weekend event that took place that fans looked forward to.

The challenges during both the events are worth looking into since they will give you a much-needed boost in XP and special rewards that would be hard to get outside the event. You can get items like weapon blueprints or seasonal cosmetics that are useable even after the event ends.

The Festive Fervor Event had started on December 16th, but there is no fixed end date in sight. Usually, Christmas-themed events would end somewhere after the holidays are over, probably in the first week of January. Just to be safe, it is best to finish off whatever quests you have left before the 25th of December, in case the event abruptly ends and you were not able to get all the rewards.

When Does Krampus Leave in Warzone and Vanguard

The winter demon that is said to hunt little children has made an appearance during the Festive Fervor Event. Players can draw in the Krampus intentionally on the maps or invite it while playing the game modes and getting low points. But whichever method you choose you should make sure that you will be able to take it down, since he is a very formidable foe. 

Since the Krampus is available only during the event, he would probably be gone after the event ends. Since the end of the event is predicted to be somewhere in the first week of January, you can expect Krampus to take his leave then too. 

This is all there is to know about the holiday event and when it will end. You can be prepared and complete all the quests as soon as possible so that you will not have to miss out on the rewards.

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