What are Wraps in Honkai Star Rail- Explained

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Hokai Star Rail is the latest fantasy action role-playing game released on 25th April 2023. Whenever a new game comes, there are certain things that confuse players, and in most cases, they try to ignore them. However, when it comes to Honkai Star Rail and if you are confused about the Wrap system, don’t ignore it. You have to understand the wrap system to progress smoothly through the game. So, this guide will give you information about Wraps in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Wrap System Explained- What are They?

Honaki Star Rail was released a few hours back, and players have jumped into the game to explore the gameplay. However, until you understand the necessary features, you can’t play the game smoothly, and without the Wrap system, all your in-game currencies will go to waste. So, knowing what wraps are in Honkai Star Rail is necessary.

Wraps are similar to the banner system in anime-based games. It helps players to expand their character roster and equip Light Cones during their journey. If you are still confused, let me tell you it works like a toy vending machine. When you play these machines, the rewards you get are random. There’s no guarantee that you get the desired toy. Similarly, in the Wrap system, when you pull, you get random rewards, and if you are not lucky enough, you won’t get a single four-star or five-star character after several tries.

Honkai Star Rail Wrap System Explained- What are They

However, it won’t work for free. It requires one Star Rail Pass or Star Rail Special Pass per pull. There are three types of Wraps in the game-

  • Regular Wrap
  • Departure Wrap
  • Event Wraps (Light Cone Event Wrap, Character Event Wrap).

Regular Wraps are permanent banners with a general 4-star reward pool. However, it takes at least one Star Rail Pass to pull. But it is better if you prioritize 10 Stack pulls. After 90 Wraps, players will get a 5-star reward. Next comes the Departure Wraps, which are temporary introductory banners that expire after some time. It gives you 50 chances before it expires and asks for only 8 Star Rails to get the stack. Finally comes the event Wraps, and there are two Event Wraps in the game. Both these Event Wraps require at least one Star Rail Special Pass. These are;limited-time wraps and include a drop-rate boost to the five-star and four-star rewards featured on their Honkai Star Rail banners.

That’s all you need to know about what are Wraps in Honkai Star Rails.

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