What are Follow-up Attacks in Honkai Star Rail

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Honkai Star Rail was released a few days back and earned massive popularity among players. Like other RPGs, this game has numerous features to explore and understand to play the game smoothly. If you have been playing the game and heard the term ‘Follow-up’ attacks and are unaware of what Follow-up attacks are, this guide will help you know about them.

Honkai Star Rail Follow-up Attacks Explained- How to Perform?

If you have been playing Honkai Star Rail, you are aware that this game has tons of features to explore, and if you miss them, it will be a significant loss as some of these features are beneficial to players, especially during fights. Follow-up Attacks are features that must be understood and used during fights to get an advantage against the enemies.

Follow-up attacks are one of the most straightforward ways to fight enemies, as these attacks can be performed by the in-game character automatically upon meeting certain criteria. These attacks can’t be performed manually, you only have to meet the criteria so that your characters perform the attack themselves. The criteria differ for each character. So, below we have discussed the Follow-up Acctack criteria for each character-

  • Clara: Claar performs a Follow-up Attack when a part member damages Clara or any other teammate.
  • Herta: Herta performs a counter-attack if the enemy has 50% or less HP.
  • Kafka: Kafka launches a Follow-up Attack when a team member uses a basic attack on the enemy.
  • March 7th: If your enemy is shielded, March 7th will use a Follow-up Attack.
  • Himeko: If your team members use Weakness Break on Enemy, Himeko will launch a counter-attack.
  • Jing Yuan: Jing Yuan can perform a counter-attack randomly after his move. There’s no specific condition.

These are the conditions you need to meet while fighting with these characters to get counter-attacks, and these are automatically generated attacks.

That’s all you need to know about Follow-up Attacks in Honkai Star Rail and how to perform them.

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