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Warzone Pacific: All the Alert Icons In-Game and What It Means

Warzone Pacific all alert icons and what it means

While playing Warzone Pacific, you might have come across various alert icons while in the middle of the game. These alerts indicate various issues in the game, so they might come up from time to time. If you are wondering what they are, you can check out the explanation below.

All Warzone Alert Icons and What It Means

Warzone Pacific may show up random alerts at times but fear not, as this means that there are some issues from your side. It could be a connectivity issue or something else altogether. In this guide, we have all the details of the alerts that show up on Warzone Pacific.

One Reddit user has made a compilation of all the icons and what they mean in the game.

  • High latency: There is a problem with your internet speed. Close all applications or downloads that require an active internet connection.
  • Latency variation: Your game is out of sync with the server. To solve this, make a direct connection from your router to your system to solve the connection variation.
  • Packet bursts: This could be a problem caused by your server or the processor is having congestion, thus hampering connection. Lower your graphics settings and check your connection to see if the issue is resolved.
  • Extrapolation: If you end up getting this, then restart your system as it could mean that the server and the client are out of sync. Contact your internet service provider if the problem is persistent.
  • Shader Warning: Wait till the shader compilation is completed before starting the game as they might still be stacked, causing performance issues.

These are all the alerts that you would face while in the game. You can click on the icons when it comes up to get in-game troubleshooting tips. They help in sorting out mundane issues that would otherwise be a hassle to figure out. If you liked this guide you can check out our other guides as well to know more about the game.

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