Valheim – How to Craft Beehives to Harvest Honey

Valheim - How to Craft Beehives to Harvest Honey

Honey is an important resource required to Mend Base for potions in Valheim. However, instead to getting honey each time from the forest, you can breed the comb for a consistent supply. Getting the honey from the wild from beehives can be dangerous as bees that live within the hives are aggressive and can deal a lot of danger overtime. To find honey in the game, you must visit old houses. But, if you get close the bees will attack you. Stick with the post and we will show you how to craft beehives in Valheim to harvest honey without getting stung.

Valheim – How to Craft Beehives to Harvest Honey

To craft a beehive in Valheim, you need to first find a beehive, destroy it, and look for the queen bee. A queen bee is required to make a beehive. Like in real life, bees follow the queen bee. The same works in the game. So, if you find a Queen Bee when you break a hive, take the queen to your home.

Not all Bee Hives will drop the Queen bee, but once you get the bee, you will have the option to craft the Beehive. The resources required to craft a Beehive are 10 Wood and 1 Queen Bee. You need to either set up or be in range of the Workbench to craft the Hive. Once the hive is made, set it down at any place you think fit and let it rest. It takes a while for the bees to arrive. You don’t have to wait, just do other things and check back in a day or two, you would see the bees in the hive and busy at work.

When you approach the beehive, you will be notified that the bees are happy. The honey from the hive is good for a long time so you can preserve it, consume it, or use it to make mead base for potions.   

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