Valheim – How to Craft A Pickaxe

How to craft a pickaxe in Valheim

To craft a pickaxe in Valheim, players will have to defeat the first boss in the game, Elkthyr. This will get you the first pickaxe accessible in the game which is the antler pickaxe. The antler pickaxe is the first axe you can craft however players can level up to other pickaxes later in the game.

Remember getting an axe isn’t as easy as getting the other weapons at the start of the game. The large stag named Elkthyr is a pretty resilient opponent to defeat and players will need to maintain their distance from its long-ranged and short-ranged attacks.

Valheim developed by Iron Gate AB, released on 2nd Feb, 2021 on Linux, MS Windows, Macintosh operating systems. The role-playing fighting adventure, survival game, opened to good reviews. The game lets you craft weapons, create forts, explore the massive open world and battle with Norse mythology-inspired creatures.

How to craft a pickaxe in Valheim | Getting the antler pickaxe

To get the antler pickaxe players will have to summon and battle against Elkthyr. Here is how you can summon Elkthyr and battle against to get the pickaxe.

  • Firstly you need to hunt deer, long enough so that you get a deer trophy.
  • After getting the trophy, you can go to the altar where the boss can be summoned.
  • Note – the boss will be a little difficult to deal with at the start of the game. The boss will rush at you and will force three types of attacks on you. Hence you have to be careful. Two of these are ranged lightning attacks while another one is a close-ranged hurl.
  • Players can use weapons that have ranged attacks like bows and spears which will help against the large stag boss.
  • After defeating the boss, antlers will drop and you can use 10 Wood and 1 Hard Antler to craft a pickaxe at a workbench.

This will give you your first pickaxe and later on in the game you can level up with pickaxes made of copper and iron.

Hope you are now clear on How to craft a pickaxe in Valheim. Share in the comments if you need to learn more. Till then keep checking this space for more updates on tips and tricks in Valheim.

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