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Update on Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 0-0x00000001 Servers Connection Error

Update on Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 0-0x00000001 Servers Connection Error

Rainbow Six Siege is a competitive first-person shooter that has a very high skill ceiling. The fans are madly in love with the game. Although it may seem like the game does not love them back since it often suffers from bugs and technical errors. For this reason, the players are fed up with Ubisoft, the studio which developed the game. In this article, we will tell you about a new error, error code 0-0x00000001 Servers Connection Error. Keep reading till the end to know all about it.

Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 0-0x00000001 Servers Connection Error

After updating the game to install the latest patch, players are coming across a new bug that is keeping them from enjoying R6 siege. According to reports, the players see this message after updating and launching the game. The error message appears on the screen and can be recognized through it- “error code 0-0x00000001 Servers Connection Error”. Once they are in the menu, the game asks them to download the update again. That is followed by the game giving you two choices, “continue offline” and “retry and restart”. None of them seem to help with the situation.

The Official Statement Servers Connection Error

There has not been any official acknowledgment of this error by Ubisoft as of yet, but a member of the support staff of Ubisoft said the following in a discussion thread:

Hey everyone!

Thank you for providing us with more information and screenshots about this. I’ve forwarded everything to our team for further investigation. As soon as we have more information to share, we’ll do so in this thread.

I have also updated the title to make it easier to find for any other players looking for answers, hope you don’t mind. Our team is still gathering reports on this, so please make sure to post below, if you’re also experiencing this and haven’t informed us yet, thanks!

In the meantime, if you still haven’t done so, please make sure that you’ve completed all the connectivity troubleshooting steps for your platform. Our guide on how to do it for PC can be found here, thanks!

Please note, the thread will show the issue is solved but that happens when we pin an answer like this to the top of the thread for more visibility, it doesn’t mean the issue is actually solved.

That was for this article on an update on Rainbow Six Seige Error Code 0-0x00000001 Server Connection Error. Check regularly for more updates that we will add as soon as they are made available. Thank you for reading this article.

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