Ultra Age

Ultra Age – How to Save

Ultra Age - How to Save

Ultra Age has taken the gaming community by surprise at least Switch for now. The game comes out on Steam later this year. Ultra Age is a fast-paced sword fighting game and poses a decent difficulty for the users. As such, once you have progressed, you would want to ensure that the game is saved and that you don’t have to start from scratch. If you are wondering how to save in Ultra Age, this guide will let you in on all the save options, so keep reading.

How to Save Progress in Ultra Age

Not all fights can be won in Ultra Age. To save the game you need to come across a boss who will knock you over a cliff. At this point, the game will have a cutscene and the tutorial to collect crystals will begin. Once the tutorial ends, you will be able to save the game.

Unlike most games, there is no auto-save in Ultra Age or manual save for that matter. The only way to save the game is to interact with the tall beacon. The game also does not have checkpoints that trigger the save. The only way to save the game to that point is to interact with the beacons.

It’s a similar mechanics to Horizon Zero Dawn if you have played the game. In that game, you need to interact with the campfire to save the game. Similarly, in Ultra Age, interact with the beacons al around the game and the save will actually be saved. There is no visual indicator that the game is saved, so the only way to find out if the save is working is to quit and return to the game.

However, the mechanics work and the game is actually saved. So, when you are in need to saving, find one of these beacons, they are plentiful and you will come across one in regular intervals.    

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