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How to Beat Mecha Drapoel in Ultra Age

How to Beat Mecha Drapoel in Ultra Age

Mecha Drapoel is the first boss you will encounter in Ultra Age and as you are getting familiar with the game, the boss will not be easy to defeat. Your health is limited and for most players, the weapons are at the base level. You cannot resort to restoring your health too often. So, how can you beat Mecha Drapoel in Ultra Age? Keep reading and we will show you how.

How to Beat Mecha Drapoel in Ultra Age

Before you start the fight, you should know some things such as the red flag. Before the boss attacks, you can use the red flag as the indicator for the attack and prepare yourself for dodging. As you start the first, attack with the Katana as it’s great for dealing large amounts of damage. When the fight is near-end, switch to the Lightning Blade.

Evading attacks should be a major part of your strategy. If you keep attacking, you will likely take damage yourself and there is limited heal on you. So, you will most likely lose the fight.

When the boss starts to use the Warp ability, spam the evade button. The boss switches the attack to warp ability when the fight is mid-way. Spamming the evade works great to avoid attacks that are combined with warp.

The most lethal attack of the boss is the electrical beans he throws at you. These deal a large amount of damage and should be avoided. He will do it after a certain time, so once you have avoided one, you know that the next one will come after a while. The electrical beans in essence do not target you but the arena. With each attack, portions of the arena will collapse making the whole arena a little smaller.

As the fight continues and he keeps using the electrical beans, the arena will keep becoming smaller. When it’s too small and you are nearly confined, switch the weapon to Lightning Blade. At this point, you have almost beaten Mecha Drapoel in Ultra Age.

The lightning blade has an area attack so it will impact the boss when it comes in range. Keep at it and the fight will be won.        

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