Tier List of Kenjutsu in Shindo Life

Antara B
Antara B

Kenjutsu in Shindo Life is the unique ability that allows players to manipulate and generate elements that their Kenjutsu covers. There are 10 types of Kenjutsu abilities available in the game, and the Kenjutsu type determines which special skills the player will have. This guide will provide you with a Kenjutsu tier list to help you figure out which Kenjutsu type is more beneficial.

Best and Worst Kenjutsu in Shindo Life- Tier List

As we’ve previously said, Kenjutsu gives the players special abilities, and these special abilities depend on the Kenjutsu type. Though every Kenjutsu has its own unique abilities, some are more useful than others. Therefore, based on their usefulness, there are 4-tiers available.


These are the best Kenjutsu types available in the game. They offer the best abilities in the game. There are 4 Kenjutsu that comes under S-tier.

  • Shiver-Kenjutsu- Levels 0-2000
  • Moon- Kenjutsu- Levels 0-2000
  • Thunder- Kenjutsu- Levels 0-2000
  • Blood-Moon-Kenjutsu- Levels- 0-2000
  • Tier

These are the second-best Kenjutsu types. Though the abilities they offer are not as good as the S-tier ones, these abilities are still powerful ones.

  • Sun- Kenjutsu- Levels 0-2000
  • Flame- Kenjutsu- Levels 0-2000
  • Inferno- Kenjutsu- Levels 0-2000
  • Water- Kenjutsu- Levels 0-2000


These are average ones. These special abilities don’t help that much, but they are helpful in some situations.

  • Misti- Kenjutsu- Levels 0-2000


These are also average ones. Though these Kenjutsu abilities come at the lowest rank, you can still use them if needed.

  • Wind-Kenjutsu- Levels 0-2000

That’s all you need to know about the Kenjutsu tier-list in Shindo Life. However, if you are a new player, check out our guide to form your own opinion on various types of Kenjusus available in the game.

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