Stranded Deep – How to Catch and Cook Fish

 Stranded Deep – How to Catch and Cook Fish

You will need food to survive on the island, and the seas are filled with fish that you can catch and eat. You might have a hard time getting them if you don’t know how to catch fish. But catching fish isn’t all, you also need to learn how to cook them to avoid falling sick. In this guide, we will see how to cook fish in Stranded Deep.

Stranded Deep – How to Catch and Cook Fish

You can catch and cook fish to satisfy your hunger while on the island. Here we will see how to catch and cook them in Stranded Deep.

To catch fish, you will need a fishing spear. Crafting a fishing spear is quite simple. You will need a wooden stick to pierce the fish with, and you can find these long wooden poles around the island. Using the pole, you can now catch fish near the shoreline. You will mostly get sardines and other small fishes, but if you can build a raft, then you can travel even further to catch bigger fish. You can craft a raft by checking out the crafting menu and seeing what materials are needed to build one. The only problem with going out to sea using a raft is that you might encounter sharks.

Another way to catch fish is by using a fishing pole. To craft a fishing pole, you will need wood sticks x3 and lashings x3. You will also need a bobber to put the rod together and lure in fish. Use the crafting menu to craft the rod, then use it to catch fish without stepping into the water. Later on, you can craft a fishing net and cast it out to sea to catch fish.

Once you have caught some fish, you can start cooking them. First, you need to create a fire pit, which will require four sticks for the bonfire, and two more to kindle the fire. You can also need three rocks to create the fire pit. After that, lay the fish on the ground, then use your knife to skin it by pressing E. If it is a big fish, you will have to keep skinning it till you get the heart. After that, cook the fish in the fire pit, then consume it to satisfy your hunger.

That’s all there is to know about catching and cooking fish in Stranded Deep. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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