Stardew Valley Bone Fragments Locations and Recipes

In the recent 1.5 patch (released on 21 Dec), Bone Fragments were added to Stardew Valley by indie developer Eric “ConcernedApe”. Many new recipes now require Bone Fragments, players are keen to know the location where they can find this and the recipes that can be served. Read on to find out about Stardew Valley Bone Fragments Locations and Recipes.

With patch 1.5 several key features were added to Stardew Valley. This big patch includes many new locations, dialogues, events, puzzles, mini-games, quest line which involves many NPCs. Amongst these updates “Farm type – Beach Farm” and a new “Advanced Game Options” menu which you can use to adjust some aspects of the game are the key highlights.

Stardew Valley Bone Fragments Locations

Here are the steps you can follow to find bone fragments in Stardew Valley.  

  • Players first need to complete all the Community Center repairs or Jojamart improvements.
  • Next, they will receive an invitation from Willy which will lead players to his shop’s back room.
  • In the hidden dock of the shop’s backroom players will then find an old boat that needs to be repaired.
  • After repairing the boat, players can travel to Ginger Island.
  • In Ginger Island, players can successfully mine for Bone Fragments.
  • There are several locations throughout the island where players can find the Bone Fragment – Bone Nodes, Artifact Spots amongst others.

Stardew Valley Bone Fragments Recipes

Bone Fragments can be used in the Bone Mill recipe to make fertilizer items. Gunther will give you the Bone Mill recipe if you complete the quest “Fragments of the Past” and get Gunther 100 fragments within 7 days.

Bone Fragments can be used in Bone Mill to make

·       Basic Fertilizer, Quality Fertilizer

·        Tree Fertilizer

·        Speed-Gro

·       Deluxe Speed-Gro.

Bone Fragments can also be used as an ingredient for following recipes:

  • Dark Sign (can display the image of any item that can be held in inventory) – Ingredients required are Bat Wings (5), Bone Fragments (5).
  • Skull Brazier (provides light at night) – Ingredients required are Bone Fragments (10).
  • Thorns Ring (if you wear Thorns Ring, taking a hit results in offending monster taking damage) – Ingredients required are Bone Fragments (50), Stone (50), and Gold Bar (1).

Eric Barone “ConcernedApe” had earlier confirmed that early access to the update was given to modders in order to help them adapt to the game’s most famous mods. The patch is available to download on PC only with dates for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One yet to be released.

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