Nightingale Game Release Date, Alpha and Beta Playtests, Reveal Trailer, and More

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Developed and Published by Inflexion Games, Nightingale is a survival, crafting game where you take on the environment alone or with a team. The game features portals that take you to different lands, each beautiful and unique in its own way. Beyond every portal lies dangers and adventure that the player must ready themselves for. Your world is destroyed by the collapse of the arcane portal network and you are in search of the one safe place remaining – Nightingale.

The game requires you to restore the portals as you delve deeper into the game and the lands of the Fae, ultimately to return to the one heaven.

Crafting mechanics is quite vibrant in the game. As you explore the open world, you are required to craft tools, gear, and weapons necessary for survival. You can also build estates and farms so you can live off the land better.

Nightingale is a game that better when played in co-op, which will allow you to build communities in nearby realms. You can use the existing portals to travel to various biomes, each distinct from the other such as forests, deserts, Swamps, and more.

Playing with friends can also make the difficulty of the biomes easy as things get tough as you go deeper into the lands of the Fae.

Nightingale Game
Nightingale Game

How does Nightingale Multiplayer work?

In Nightingale, you can choose to play the game alone or invite friends to play with you like any other game. The game also features multiplayer with randoms you encounter in your journeys to the lands of the Fae.

Nightingale Game Release Date

Nightingale is set to release in the Q4 of 2022 in Early Access. The final release of the game is planned for sometime in 2023. Prior to the release of the early access, the game will have two playtests – the Alpha playtest and the Beta playtest. The devs are already inviting players to send their emails for participation in the playtest. You can participate in the playtests here. The playtests should go live anytime in the upcoming few months.

Nightingale Release Platforms

At the time of writing, the game is only coming to PC via Steam and there is no plan for the release of Nightingale on PS4 or PS5. If the game does come to these platforms, it should be years after its final release on PC.

Nightingale appears to be a promising title coming in 2022 and we are really excited to get our hands on the game. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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