NBA 2K21 Face Scan Guide – How to Scan Your Face

NBA 2K21 Face Scan Guide - How to Scan Your Face

Among the range of features the game offers, one of them is the ability to scan your face. However, the game has a reputation of either getting the face scan spot on or horribly wrong. A lot of players have been complaining of the NBA 2K face scan not working, at least as well as they should. So, stick around in this NBA 2K21 Face Scan guide and follow our step-by-step instructions to scan your face without any errors for MyPlayer.

NBA 2K21 Face Scan Guide – How to Scan Your Face

Assuming that you have the game installed on your respective device and you are logged-in with your account linked to NBA 2K account, let’s proceed with the right steps to scan your face in NBA 2K21.

  1. Download the MyNBA2K21app for Android or iOS, whichever you may be using. Log-in to the app with your 2K account.
  2. One logged-in, click on the Face Scan option in the app. But, before you proceed to scan your face, ensure you have no glasses, hats, or other things on you that could hinder your image.
  3. Another things to ensure is that the location you are scanning has sufficient light. Day light is preferable, but don’t have the sun on your back. Basically, you would ensure that the camera is able to take a clear image of your face.
  4. When taking the photo ensure that the correct angle of the face is reflected. Rotate your head accordingly, so the face appears straight. Often times, users move the device rather than the face. You should tilt the head in the angle that makes the face straight rather than the phone.
  5. The apps requires you to take 13 different face angles and all the pictures have to be green marked as in approved for upload. After the scanning completes, you will hear a sound. If every image is marked green, you can start upload or retake the photos. Hit the Upload Images button if everything looks good.
  6. Go back to the game on your device and click on Scan Your Face and then Check for Head Scan Data. The images you uploaded from your phone will start uploading and when it hits 100%, you are done.

That’s it, this is how you scan your face in NBA 2K21.     

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