Monster Hunter Rise – Where to Find Snow-faced Fox and Take Picture

Each of the five maps in Monster Hunter Rise has a rare Endemic Life that can be logged when you take a picture. The Snow-faced Fox is one of the very first you should find easily in the Shrine Ruins, given you know where to look. The Snow-faced Fox is also commonly known as the nine-tailed fox because it has nine tails. MH Rise has so much to offer besides the main quests from finding relics to rare endemic life. Completing the main story is not the end of the game, which is what makes this game such a huge success. There is non-stop action for fans who want to delve further into the game.

There are a total of five rare endemic life for you to find the photograph. You can start by finding and taking the photo of the Snow-faced Fox. In this guide, we will show you where to find Snow-faced Fox in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where to Find Snow-faced Fox and Photograph in Monster Hunter Rise

To find the Snow-faced Fox and take photo in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to go to the Shrine Ruins map and search in and around Area 5. It does not matter whether you are on Low or High Rank. While the appearance of the fox is not guaranteed, it spawn at that location one 3 out of 5 times you visit. So, the spawn rate is pretty good.

Snow-faced Fox Location Shrine Ruins Monster Hunter Rise

You also need to visit at night time as it only appears then. Go on an Expedition to find endemic life and ensure its night. Climb up the rocky peak and the fox should be near the gate. Once you see the Snow-faced Fox, you can take a picture of it using the Camera Mode.

So, that’s how to find the Snow-faced Fox in Monster Hunter Rise. Once you are done, you can go searching for other rare endemic life and add them as well to your Hunter’s Note with a photo. The picture you have taken can also be displayed in your room in Kamura Village.

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