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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak- Where to Find Fire Dragon Hardclaw

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak- Where to Find Fire Dragon Hardclaw

If you have been playing Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you have seen several resources and materials in the game that you can collect from different locations and use to craft or upgrade your weapons or armor. Fire Dragon Hardclaw is one of those resource materials that players will get from Teostra. This guide will help you know the process of acquiring and using this material in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Fire Dragon Hardclaw Location in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak- Its Use

As mentioned earlier, Fire Dragon Hardclaw can be acquired by taking down Teostra, the elder dragon.  You can’t randomly find this mighty elder dragon; instead, you have to level up your Master Rank to encounter Teostra. This Elder dragon can’t be captured; you have to kill it to get the Fire Dragon Hardclaw. It has three different options to get Fire Dragon Hardclaw-

  • Players can get it by breaking Teostra’s wing claws. Each wing claw has an 18% chance of dropping Fire Dragon Hardclaw. Because Teostra has two wing claws, it’s the best opportunity for the players to get Fire Dragon Hardclaw with a 36% chance.
  • Players have a 20% chance to get Fire Dragon Hardclaw by completing the hunt against Teostra. It’ll be given as Target Reward.
  • The third and the last option to get Fire Dragon Hardclaw is to carve on Teostra’s body. It has a 14% chance of giving Fire Dragon Hardclaw.

That’s all you need to know about getting Fire Dragon’s Hardclaw in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Once you get it, bring it back to Elgado Outpost, and you can use it to upgrade your weapons like Fire and Ice (2 Fire Dragon Hardclaw), Araknasmasher+ (3 Fire Dragon Hardclaw), Twin Wyvern Beams+ (2 Fire Dragon Hardclaw), Araknablazer+ (2 Fire Dragon Hardclaw), etc.  Also, you can craft Equipment and Armor like Kaiser Crown X (1 Fire Dragon Hardclaw), Kaiser Greaves X (1 Fire Dragon Hardclaw), and Kaiser Mail X (1 Fire Dragon Hardclaw).

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