Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – How to Use Barrel Bombs | Detonate Barrels and Perform Aerial Bombing in MH Rise

With the introduction of the Wirebug mechanics in Monster Hunter Rise, a lot of things have changed from movement to attack moves. The use of Barrel Bombs has also earned some new tricks, most notably the Aerial Bombing with the Barrel Bombs. So, if you are new to the game or would just like to brush up on how to use Barrel Bombs in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), we will show you how to detonate Barrel Bombs and perform aerial bombing in this guide. Once you start using the Barrel Bombs, you will want nothing else due to the huge amount of damage it deals and the bonus damage when used on a sleeping monster.    

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) – How to Detonate Barrels Bombs and Perform Aerial Bombing

When used on a sleeping monster, you get the Wake Up Bonus that deal 2x damage than your normal base damage. When you use a bomb in the air, it does not count in the allowed 2 barrel placement. These are a few new thing to the bomb besides the use of Wirebug to perform the Aerial Bombing.

How to Use Barrel Bombs in Monster Hunter Rise

For normal use, like placing the bomb and using detonator, the process is similar to using any other item in the game. Once you have the bomb in your inventory, press and hold L to access the Item Bar, use A or Y to select the bomb, leave L and use Y to place the bomb. If the item is already equipped, you simply need to press Y to place the bomb. Once placed, use the throwing kunai to detonate the Barrel Bomb from a distance.

Barrel Bomb Monster Hunter Rise

Besides throwing kunai, you can also trigger the bombs by throwing another at it. Barrel Bombs are the most effective against sleeping monsters because of the Bonus Wake Up damage that it grants. If you are playing solo, place two bomb near the head of the sleeping monster and throw the other using the Aerial Bombing move we have explained in the next para. For multiplayer, we suggest that all the players place two bombs near the head of the monster and one player use the Aerial Bombing move to trigger the detonation. This will deal a massive amount of damage as the base damage of all the bombs will get doubled due to the bonus. If you have Mega Barrels, use them as it will further increase the damage.

How to Throw Barrel Bombs in Mid-Air in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

To throw the Barrel Bombs in mid-air, ensure that the bombs are equipped and use the Wirebug once or twice if required (ZL + ZR or ZL + X) to get in the air, then press the Y button to trigger the throw. Once your barrel hits the target, it will detonate. You can also trigger the throw to hit other barrels and create a massive explosion as explained in the above para.

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