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Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – How to Farm Honey

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)- How to Farm Honey

Honey in one of the most important items in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) as it allows you to create the Mega Potion that can mean life and death in certain situations, but that not all, there is an entire list of things you can create when you have sufficient honey on you. Honey can be found in the fields, as quest rewards, and can be traded. However, if you are looking to farm honey to create a consistent supply, trading is the way to go. Be with us and we will show you how to farm Honey in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).

How to Farm Honey in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)

While you can collect honey as reward for quests and find them in the field, that’s not going to be sufficient. As such, to farm honey in Monster Hunter Rise, you will have to trade with the Argosy. But, before you start trading, you need to unlock the Argosy trade ship. The trade ship can be unlocked by progressing in the game to the 2 Star Village Quests. Once you have reached this level in the game, go to the Argosy dock near Buddy Scout centre and talk to Rondine.

To farm Honey in Monster Hunter Rise, first hire a buddy, then go to the Argosy dock to talk to Rondine and set up trade frame with the buddy. Choose Honey as the item you want to trade and after clearing a quest you will get the honey. To get more honey, trade frequently between quests. You can stock up to 20 traded item, which can be honey if you want.

Once you clear the 3 star Village Quest, it will add a submarine and also increase your trade limit. So you can farm even more Honey. You can also raise the level of buddy to learn new skills that will reward you more items for the duration of quests. When the buddy achieves level 15, the item for 3 quests increases. At level 5, the items increase for 6 quests.

Honey is mostly used for making healing and stamina items such as Mega Potions, First-aid Med+, Catalyst, and Energy Drink.       

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