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Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – How to Customize Radial Menu | Change Item Shortcuts

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) - How to Customize Radial Menu - Change Item Shortcuts

Easy accessibility of controls is important in all games and even more so with a game like Monster Hunter Rise that fast-paced and the time you take to equip and use the item is crucial. Fortunately, MHR allows you to customize the Redial Menu to change item shortcuts. The menu allows you to set 32 shortcuts in sets of 8 each. Stick with the post and we will show you how to customize the Redial Menu in Monster Hunter Rise so you can change the item shortcuts. We will also guide you on how to use the Redial Menu.

How to Use the Redial Menu in MH Rise

To use the redial Menu, you need to hold the L button. Once you do that, you will be able to select any of the 4 shortcut slots using the D-pad. Each slot has 8 items shortcuts that can you select and use. To select one of the eight item shortcuts, use the right stick. Once you leave the right stick, the item that’s selected will be used. Another way to use any of the 8 item shortcuts to use the item is to use the right stick by turning left and right to select the item. Once you are at the item, press the right stick down to use the item.

How to Customize Radial Menu in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

You can change the Redial Menu loadout for both Quest and Village separately. To customize the redial menu in Monster Hunter Rise, press the Plus (+) button. This will bring up the Items and Equipment menu. From there, select Radial Menu Settings. Changing the item shortcuts for Village or Quest is the same and both has 32 shortcuts divided into 8 Item Shortcuts in 4 Loadout. Select either of the options.

While you can use one 4 Loadout, you can create 24 different Loadout and use the 4 that you prefer. Select the Loadout you want to modify and then use the right stick to select the item shortcut that you want to change.

In the Quest settings, you can set the shortcut for item from Item Box, craft-able items, endemic life, buddy commands, chat menu commands, photo pose sets, fast travel, full map, camera options, and chat menu.

In the Village settings, you can set shortcuts for craft-able items, buddy commands, chat menu commands, photo pose sets, quest board, fast travel, camera options, chat menu, and calling Cahoot.

If you have created more than 4 loadout, you can set the active 4 by pressing the Zl button from the Main Redial menu. A new menu will appear that will allow you to set the loadout for each button on the D-pad. You can try out various combinations of loadout and create as many as 24.

So, that how to customize Radial Menu in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).

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