Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – How to Crouch and Jump

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) - How to Crouch and Jump

There are a range of movements you need to master in the game from basic movements to weapon actions and moves that it can be a little overwhelming as you start the game, but mastering and improving is what makes MHR such a fun game. However, there are certain game mechanics that you need to know before you jump into battle with your first monster, two of them is how to crouch and jump in Monster Hunter Rise. There is nothing complicated about the movement and the control. They are basic moves and once you start using them, they will come naturally.

How to Crouch and Jump in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)

Crouching in Monster Hunter Rise can be used to sneak up on Monsters and lay down some damage before the monster becomes aware and starts the fight. It gives you just the extra edge that might be felt at the end of the battle when your health in minimum. Jumping on the other hand can help you get past hurdles in the field and during a fight.

Crouching is also useful while you are tracking a monster to its nest for capture or otherwise. When you crouch in Monster Hunter Rise, your movement becomes slow and quiet, just the thing you require when you want stealth.

The control for crouch and jump is the same on the Switch, but in order to perform the move, your weapon should be sheathed. With the weapon sheathed, press the B button to crouch and while sliding press the B button to jump. It’s as simple as the controls get in the game.

You only have to remember that the weapon is sheathed. A quick way to sheath the weapon is to hold the R button, which will sprint the character and sheath the weapon. The R button also slides, so press R and then B to jump.

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