Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) – Where to Find Firestone

Among the wide variety of items required in Monster Hunter Rise to acquire and upgrade weapons and armor is the Firestone. Like all rare items, the Firestone is not found in many places within the game. You need to know where to look exactly to find the resource. Even when you know the location, the drop rate is pretty low, so you have to grind a bit to farm Firestone in MH Rise. To make the process easier, we will show you where to find Firestone in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where to Find Firestone in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)

To find Firestone in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to unlock the Lava Caverns map. It’s the only place on the game where you can get the item. The Firestone is a material that can be farmed from mining outcrops located throughout the area. While the item can also drop at low rank, the probability and the drop rate increases when the hunter is at high rank.

Some of the places to look for the Firestone or the location of mining outcrops on Lava Caverns map are below.

  1. Start with Area 4 near the stones, you will find a mining outcrop there.
  2. Then, move up to Area 5, there is another mining outcrop at that location.
  3. One of it is located between area 10 and 12 closer to the boundary of the map.
  4. You can also find a mining outcrop between area 7 and 9.
  5. Finally, the last one of them is at Area 6.

Scour these locations thoroughly and you will surely find the Firestone.

The weapons that require the Firestone while forging are Cawscythe I, Djinn I, Flaming Fury I, and Usurper’s Roar I. But that not all, the list of weapons and armor that require the Firestone is massive, which makes this one of the most important resources to get and farm in MH Rise.    

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