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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) – Where to Find Dragonhusk Shard | Location Guide

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) Where to Find Dragonhusk Shard

On your quest to get better weapons and progress the bone tree, you would find yourself looking for the Dragonhusk Shard. Like all weapon upgrade items in the game, locating the Dragonhusk Shard can be a bit of a grind. There are specific locations you need to search in order to find the item. So, stick around and we will show you where to find Dragonhusk Shard in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise).

MH Rise Dragonhusk Shard Location | How to Get  

To find or get the Dragonhusk Shard in Monster Hunter Rise, you would have to search the Frost Islands map for Bonepile. The shards are a drop from bonepiles and there are 5 spots you can search in Frost Island map.

Start by searching the bonepiles between Area 1 and 3. There are two bonepiles quite closer to one another at the center of Area 10, 8, and 5. So, it’s likely you will find the Dragonhusk Shard there. Then, there are two bonepiles closer to Area 9 – one away from area 9 and the other towards area 6. Use the below map to find the locations.

MH Rise Dragonhusk Shards Map

The above map only shows 4 locations for the Bonepile, but there’s another between 9 and 6. While there are bone piles on other maps as well, they don’t drop the Dragonhusk Shards. For the item, you have to look in Frost Island.    

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