Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise – How to Swap Equipment & Weapons, and Pause Game

Monster Hunter Rise - How to Swap Equipment and Pause Game

We have had two demos to experience most of the mechanics of Monster Hunter Rise. While some parts of the game feel the same, there has been a lot of modification to the game with the introduction of Wirebug. Some of the questions that’s most asked by users on various forums is how to swap equipment, pause Monster Hunter Rise, or sharpen the blade in the game. If you have any of the three questions, read below for the answer.

Monster Hunter Rise – How to Change Equipment and Weapons

Quite often you would realize the weapon or other equipment you started the hunt with is not ideal for a particular monster or you would simply want to swap the equipment with other. You can do that in the game easily. To swap equipment in Monster Hunter Rise, you will have to travel back to the Campsite.

Tent - Change Weapon-equipment-MHR Monster HUnter Rise

At the Base Camp, you will notice a Tent. Approach the Tent and press A to enter. You will now be able to see the ‘Manage Equipment’ option in the ‘Item Box’. You can use this menu to change equipment and weapons in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). You can also organize the items using the ‘Manage Equipment’ option. Master Utsushi will introduce the Tent to you, so you should not have any trouble locating it.

How to Pause Game in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)

If you want to pause a quest in Monster Hunter Rise, you can do it at any time. To pause, bring up the menu by pressing the Plus (+) button. Go to System, which is indicated by a gear or cog icon, scroll left and right to come to the option. Once the system option is selected, the option to Pause Game should be visible. Select it and the game will stop.

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