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Modern Warfare 2: How to Turn Off Aim Assist

Modern Warfare 2 is approaching soon, on October 28th, for next-generation consoles, PCs, and Steam. This game promises a unique experience, but some fans are concerned about the implications. Activision and Infinity Ward have promised that this new age of Call of Duty will provide a high-quality gaming experience no matter where you are – at home or on the go. Based on what we observed earlier this year, they might just do that.

Aim assist can be a controversial topic for gamers using different types of controllers. Some argue that it gives players using a controller an unfair advantage over those using a mouse and keyboard. Others say that aim assist simply compensates for the limited movement of a controller’s sticks compared to the precision and customization offered by mouse movement. 

So continue reading further to know how to turn off aim assist in Modern Warfare 2.

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How to Turn Off Aim Assist?

Aim assist is an option only available for people playing the game with a controller. The game will also recognize what type of controller you are using. Modern Warfare 2 will automatically default to using aim assist if available. Aim assist is not an option if you plan on playing with a mouse and keyboard on PlayStation or Xbox.

To turn off the aim assist,

  • Access your options menu, and press the options/start/menu button to bring up the menu on the right. 
  • You will see tabs for Home, Social, and Progression. 
  • Select the “Settings” tab. 
  • Next, go to “Controller” and check the input and aiming options. 
  • To adjust the Aim Assist options, select the “Advanced” tab.

By default, the Aim Assist will be turned on if you’re using a controller. However, you can choose to turn it off here. If you don’t want to turn it off, you can further customize your options by changing the Aim Assist type and response curve types.

We hope you found our guide on turning off the aim assist in Modern Warfare 2 useful. The game is slated to be released on October 28, so keep checking our other guides for additional useful information.

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