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Will Back 4 Blood have Steam Workshop?

Will Back 4 Blood have Steam Workshop or Modding Support

Back 4 Blood is the closest thing players are going to get to a Left 4 Dead sequel. From the Alpha of the game and its genre, the title could certainly be called Left 4 Dead 3. But, that’s a choice made by the developer Turtle Rock Studios. The closed beta for the game is set to release today with the open beta planned in a few days. The final game was supposed to be released in July but has been pushed to 22 Oct like so many other games.

Will Back 4 Blood have Steam Workshop or Modding Support

Modding and the Steam Workshop is a hot topic for so many users and modders as it allows them to enjoy and add new features and enhancements to the game. Users can choose between different mods to customize the game to their preference. So naturally, you must be wondering will Back 4 Blood have Steam Workshop or Modding support.

Is there Modding Support in Back 4 Blood? Does it Have Steam Workshop?

While it would be great to have Modding support in the game so you can use the Steam Workshop to create impressive tools. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no Modding support in Back 4 Blood.

The developer revealed this information in an interview with Game Informer. When asked if the game would support Modding, the answer was outright no. So, when the game launches in Oct, it won’t have Modding support.  

Will the developers include it in the future? It’s highly unlikely given that the devs are looking to sell skins and other in-game purchasable that the mods can do for free or at a reduced price. If they allow mods they will have to abandon their plans of selling skins and other features in the game.      

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