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How to Kill the Abomination in Back 4 Blood – Act 4 Guide

How to Kill The Abomination in Back 4 Blood - Act 4 Guide

The final Act in Back 4 Blood will pit you against the behemoth called ‘The Abomination.’ There are four objectives to ending the beast and the last objective has a timer, which makes the fight all the more difficult. If you have progressed to this stage of the game, the campaign is almost over, you have one final but large hurdle. Keep reading and we will show you how to kill the Abomination in Back 4 Blood.

How to Kill the Abomination in Back 4 Blood in Act 4

After the cutscene where the Abomination rises from the ground and your helicopter goes down you will find yourself next to the helicopter crash. Right next to the helicopter – on the ground, you will see a lot of rare weapons, ensure that you have switched the weapons with the ones available on the ground. These weapons are more powerful than the ones you have on you and are elite-level suitable to take on the Behemoth. They deal more damage than the weapon that you have used so far in the game. Switch both the primary and the secondary weapons.

Now, go a little ahead, and below the ArtKing poster on the wall is the Supply Crate (Shop), interact with it and ensure each of the team members has bought one Team Upgrade.

bought one Team Upgrade


Track the Abomination

The first objective is to track the Abomination, which is quite easy. Once you are done with the Shop, go through the door straight ahead of you and you will see the ridden walking on the street. Jump on the street and start killing them. Within a few seconds, the street will break and tentacles will come up. The objective will be updated to ‘Destroy the Tentacles.’

Destroy the Tentacles

There are a total of 4 tentacles that will rise from the ground. The tentacles can only be damaged when the mouth or the upper end opens like a flower and is quite similar to the creature’s face in Strange Things. Throughout the process, as you attempt to destroy the tentacles, ridden will keep attacking you. Ensure that a few members are specifically assigned to take care of the ridden that spawn while the other members focus on the tentacles. Keep switching your focus between the zombies that spawn and the tentacle.

Abomination Tanticles

When the tentacle opens its mouth, it will attack the player the mouth is opened towards, so keep moving sideways. Even when a tentacle is destroyed and under the ground, it will throw acid that can deal a lot of damage. So, ensure to stay as far away from the tentacle as possible.

Ensure that you are taking care of the Ridden that spawn or soon you will be overrun by them. The tentacles themselves are not difficult to destroy, but the hoard that keeps coming makes it difficult. Destroy all the four tentacles and get down from the hole that the tentacles used to break out. Before you go down the hole, ensure that you have restocked the ammo.

Destroy the Mouth Weakspots

As soon as you go down the hole, the objective will update – Destroy the Mouth Weakspots. As the second stage of the fight, it’s much tougher than defeating the tentacles. You will have to simultaneously take care of the four tentacles, ridden, and special ridden. The Tentacles have the same attack of spewing acid and are easy to read. They throw out the acid in the same pattern as they rush forward. Always ensure to dodge the tentacle attacks all the while taking care of the ridden that spawn.

Abomination Mouth Weakspot

When the tentacles go into the wall behind you, the Abomination will scream displaying the mouth weak spots – the two blobs as shown in the above image. When the weak point becomes visible, all the players should focus their fire on it.

It’s best to stay away from the mouth and stay closer to the adjacent wall as the tentacles spew acid directly in front of the mouth of the Abomination.

The hoard will also get a little intense as the mouth’s weak spots start to take damage. Focus your attention on the mouth weak spots and keep clearing the ridden and special ridden that keep spawning. It’s likely some players will go down, ensure that reviving them is your first priority because if you are alone or too few, the fight will get overwhelming and soon be over.

Destroy the Body Weakspots

As soon as the previous objective is complete and the mouth Weakspots are destroyed, the Abomination will retreat its head back making a hole in the wall. This is the first time you can see the entire body of the beast. When the objective is updated a countdown will also start that will count backward from 5 minutes and 04 seconds. You need to complete the final objective within the given time or the Abomination will reach Fort Hope and you lose.

Abomination Body Weakspot

Ensure that you have restocked the ammo supply before you go through the hole to the next area. In our experience, the fourth objective is easier than the third. There aren’t as many ridden that spawn compared to the previous objective and the tentacles are easily avoidable, just don’t stick too close to the body. There are random special ridden that can jump on you, but it’s manageable.

At this stage, running out of ammo should be the main concern. You will find supply crates here and there, use them to restock, and keep your focus on destroying the blobs around the body of the Abomination. Once, you have destroyed the body’s weak point, a cutscene will start.

In the cutscene, you will kill the Abomination for good and the ground will be filled with debris sealing the Abomination inside.                 

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