How to Use Strand to Defeat Enemies in Destiny 2

Shubham Chaurasia
Shubham Chaurasia

Destiny 2 introduced a new elemental power called Strand with the new Lightfall update. Strand is related to manipulating time and space and players can have the power to use it with any class (hunter, Warlocks or Titan). Players who started the Lightfall campaign would have used the Strand power already. In this guide, you will how to use the Strand properly to defeat the enemies in Destiny 2. 

Players can read this to know what material is required for upgrading the Strand skills. 

How to Use Strand to Defeat Enemies in Destiny 2?

Strand changes the combat in Destiny 2 as every character’s interaction with it is different and they utilise the power very differently. Strand is a power which comes from dipping your hands in the fabrics of time and space so players can destroy everything that comes facing them in battle. The basics of Strands can be  divided into various things: 

  1. Weave

Players can create an object with the help of Strand. Hunter when equipping Strnad can create rope which can help in increasing its movement as well as connecting enemies together. Titan can create arm blades and cuts your foes with them. Warlocks can create small minions who will attach to enemies and explode on them. 

  1. Unravel

When the enemies affected by Strand get killed, they will create a tangle which players can see and shoot to hurt other enemies. 

  1. Suspend

Players can even lift the enemy with the help of Strand now. It can be used in PvP as well but the affected enemy is slowed not completely paralysed like a normal enemy. (titan can use this skill)

  1. Sever

The enemies who are affected by Strand can also do less damage to the players. (titan uses this skill)

  1. Woven Mail

players can also create an Armor with the Strand power and decrease any damage coming. (titan can use this) 

That’s all the basic things players can use the Strand for defeating enemies in Destiny 2. The usage of the power will mostly depend on the Class players are using (Hunter, Warlocks or Titan) but the basic skills of the power are shown above. 

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