Ghost of Tsushima

How to Upgrade Armor in Ghost of Tsushima

How to Upgrade Armor in Ghost of Tsushima

Armor and weapon in Ghost of Tsushima are central to progress and successful fights. You need to upgrade them continuously. A weak armor can mean defeat. To upgrade armor and weapons you need materials, just like any other open-world game. These materials can be found throughout Tsushima. In this guide, we will show you how you can easily upgrade armor in Ghost of Tsushima.

How to Upgrade Armor in Ghost of Tsushima

In order to upgrade armor and weapons, you need to find various materials in the game, namely Linen, Leather, Silk, Iron, Gold, Steel, and Wax Wood. It’s scattered throughout the game, so it’s not that difficult finding any resource. Steel may be a little hard to find. You can read this guide on how to find steel in the game. Once you have the required materials, you can upgrade the armor.

For this, you need to locate the nearest major village or town and find the Armorer. He will upgrade the weapon. Most of the weapons and armors you find are upgradable, so all that’s required are the materials. Once you get the resources, you can go the armorer and he will upgrade the weapon for you.

That’s it! Upgrading armor and weapons in Tsushima is that simple.  

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