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Fix Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Error Code NP-41363-7

Fix Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Error Code NP-41363-7

The PS4 Error Code NP-41363-7 is among the few error codes that’s not listed on the official website, but every now and then, users encounter it while trying to play a game. The error message itself is generic and does not provide any hint on the cause of the issue and solution. After the recent patch, users have been encountering the PS4 Error Code NP-41363-7 in Ghost of Tsushima. If you are one of the users who have encountered the error in the game or any other game, we can help you fix the issue. Keep scrolling to know more.

Fix Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Error Code NP-41363-7

As mentioned earlier, the error code NP-41363-7 can occur with any game regardless of whether it’s a single-player or a multi-player title. The fix that works to resolve the Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Error Code NP-41363-7 is to factory reset the PS4.

The complete error message reads, “An error has occurred (np-41363-7).” Factory resetting is the solutions that has worked to resolve the error for a lot of players as reported by them on Reddit. We personally got in touch with the PlayStation support and it’s the solution they recommend to fix the error.

As your game’s save files are stored on the cloud, you can download them again after performing the factory reset. So, you don’t have to risk losing any save games.

In order to reset the PS4, go to Settings > Initialization > Restore Default Settings. Once you reset the PlayStation, re-download the game and the error should not occur.  

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