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How To Unlock the Gold Lachmann-556 in Modern Warfare 2

How to Unlock the Gold Lachmann-556 in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 was released a few days back, and players are still exploring various game features, including weapon attachment and Customization. Undoubtedly, Customization is one of the most popular features of a game, and CoD games generally never disappoint players. CoD features a few customization options every time; however, in Modern Warfare 2, Camo is one of the most popular customization options. This guide will help you know how to unlock Gold Camo for Lachman-556 in Modern Warfare 2.

Gold Camo for Lachman-556 in Modern Warfare 2- How to Unlock?

Assault Rifles are the most popular weapon category in Modern Warfare 2. Players love to use ARs in COD games, and Modern Warfare 2 is no exception. Lachman-556 is an AR, and though it is not one of the best in the game, it is still better than many others.

If you have seen other players having the Gold Lachman-556, you probably understood they have unlocked the Gold Camo for this weapon. Currently, it is the only way to have bright golden skin on your guns. However, Gold Camo must be unlocked separately for each weapon, so you have to unlock and complete Base Camo challenges for that weapon.

If you want to unlock Gold Camo for Lachman-556, you must play with the gun and earn XP to level it up. As you level up the weapon, you will eventually unlock Camo Challenges for Lachman-556. The base Camo Challenges for the weapon are as follows-

  • The first Challenge will unlock around levels 2 to 4- “Get 50 Kills with Lachman-556.”
  • Next, around level 8, you’ll get the next Camo Challenge-“Get 10 Double Kills with Lachman-556.”
  • The third Camo Challenge unlocks at level 13- “Get 50 Kills with Lachman-556 using Suppressor.”
  • The final Camo Challenge for Lachman-556 requires players to “Get 10 hip-fire Kills using Lachman-556.”

These four challenges are not tough to complete. However, we recommend completing The first three challenges are not that tough to complete; the last task may give you some hard time. However, these tasks clearly show that you must make the Lachman-556 your primary weapon for some time.

Once these tasks are done, you’ll get the final Gold Camo Challenge for Lachman-556- “Get 3 Kills with Lachman-556 without dying, 10 times.” After this last Challenge, you’ll unlock the Gold Camo for Lachman-556.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock gold Lachman-556 in Modern Warfare 2. Gold Camo only gives the gun a bright look and shows how much you grind in Modern Warfare 2. Otherwise, there is no other effect of it in the game.

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