How To Unlock Guns Blazing Encore Mode In COD Mobile Season 5

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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 – Tropical Vision will be released on June 1st, 2022, and will include fresh new weapons, maps, and abilities, as well as new modes for operators to try their hand at, one of which being the all-new Guns Blazing Encore mode.

Guns Blazing Encore mode will be a multiplayer mode in which two teams will compete for victory. You will be able to utilise your own load-outs, however, Scorestreaks and Operator Skills will not be available in this mode. This guide will show you how to win the Guns Blazing Encore mode and bring home the victory for your side.

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COD Mobile Season 5 – How to Unlock Guns Blazing Encore Mode

The Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 Guns Blazing Encore mode pits two teams against one other for victory. Players can still utilise their unique load-outs in this mode, but any Scorestreaks and Operator Skills will be disallowed.

Following are the steps for unlocking Guns Blazer Encore Mode in V Rising:

  • Teams must try to eliminate as many opposing team members as possible, and the first team reaching 30 points wins. Removing a normal operator earns one point, whereas eliminating a super-soldier operator earns three points.
  • You may become a super-soldier by filling your Fury gauge in one of three ways: kill an opposing operator for 100 points, die for 100 points, or kill an opponent super-soldier for 300 points. As a super-soldier, you gain the following battle advantages:
  • Increased Health
  • Dual-wield Death Machines, with 200 rounds in total
  • When you are eliminated or run out of ammo, you will revert to your default operator state and must restart from there. Players may do this as many times as they like throughout a match, allowing for tactics such as preparing to go super soldier at key points in combat.
  • Reaching a super-soldier condition via filling the Fury gauge is accomplished through eliminations, therefore players are encouraged to obtain as many as possible. This, though, can be a double-edged sword.
  • If you are eliminated in this condition, the opposing side will receive three points, thus understanding when to become a super soldier and organising your aggressive attacks are critical.

The Guns Blazing Encore option appears to be exactly that, a mode for those who want to go full guns blazing, but because of the rules and mechanics involved, you may be more motivated to play it smartly. Earning points from opposing super-soldiers allows you to seize the lead, and you may use your super soldiers for sure hits when your opponents are at their weakest.

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