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How to Unlock Gold X12 in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 has plenty of camos to unlock and use, but you need to work your way through all the camo challenges to unlock them. To get a gold camo, you need to complete all the base camo challenges first. There are four base camos to unlock, after which you can try for the gold, platinum, and Orion camo challenges. In this guide, we will see how to unlock the gold camo for the X12 in Modern Warfare 2.

How to Unlock Gold X12 in Modern Warfare 2

To unlock gold camos you need to complete the base camo challenges before you can unlock the gold camo challenges. Here we will see how to unlock the gold camo for the X12 in Modern Warfare 2.

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You need to unlock the X12 and rank it to max level before you can unlock the camo challenges. To unlock the X12 pistol, you need to get player rank 31. After that, rank up the X12 to max weapon rank, you can now complete the base camo challenges. The challenges for each camo are detailed below.

  • Bio Static Digital Base Camo: Get 30 Kills with the X12
  • Desert Wave Base Camo: Get 25 Kills while ADS with the X12
  • Garter Snake Base Camo: Get 10 Hip Fire Kills with the X12
  • Azul Base Camo: Get 40 Kills with the Akimbo Attachment Equipped on the X12
  • Gold Camo: Get 3 Kills without dying 5 times with the X12

The best mode you can choose to get enough kills using the X12 is Hardpoint and Domination, but you can choose to play other modes like Ground Wars and Invasion as well. For maps, you should go for areas that have a lot of narrow passages or alleyways to trap and kill your opponents, like Farm 18 or Embassy. You should also keep an eye on the X12 loadout, as you need to get ADS, Hip Fire, and Akimbo Attachments equipped to complete most of the challenges.

For perk packages, you can go for the Assault or Hunter packages, or you can equip your perks. The best perks to use are Overkill, Fast Hands, Double Time, Quick Fix, and Battle Hardened. It is best to equip a Riot Shield along with the X12 to protect you since you need to complete most of your tasks with the X12, but you won’t be needing it much after equipping the Akimbo Attachment. For Field Upgrades, you can go for Munition Box, Dead Silence, or Tactical Insertion. When it comes to Killstreaks, you can select any of the UAV Killstreaks, they all work well for the above modes.

That’s all there is to know about unlocking the gold camo for the X12. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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