How to Stay Warm in Valheim – Beat Mountain Cold

How to Stay Warm in Valheim - Beat Mountain Cold

If you have progressed further in the game past the initial biomes and are into the Mountain, you would realize survival here is much harder. If not the Wolfs, Stone Giants, Fenring, or the Dragon hatchlings, the cold will kill you overtime. You need ways to beat the cold even before you enter the biome. And while the Cauldron allows you to craft the Frost Resistant Mead Base, it’s not sufficient and you need to find additional ways to stay warm in the Mountain Cold. As such, if you are wondering how to bear or beat the cold, keep scrolling and we will show you how to stay warm in Valheim.

How to Stay Warm in Valheim – Clothes to Keep Warm

Besides the Frost Resistance potion, the Wolf Armor is another way to protect yourself from the cold of ‘The Mountain’ biome. To get the Wolf Armor in Valheim, you have to acquire Silver, which will unlock the recipe to craft the armor. Silver like several other minerals are hidden underground and you have to mine for it.

There is possibly another way to get Silver that easier than mining, especially, if you don’t have the Wishbone. After you have defeated the third boss – the Bonemass. You will unlock a way to get Silver. Once the recipe is unlocked, you will require the following resource to craft the Wolf Armor.

  • 40 Silver
  • 10 Wolf Pelt
  • 4 Wolf Fangs
  • 1 Chain

The Wolf Armor has two parts the chest and the legs. Once you have crafted the armor, you can survive the harsh blizzard of the Mountain.

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