How to Sea Dangle (Fishing) in Ooblets

Ooblets brings the best of so many worlds i.e. games – Pokemon, Harvest Moon, and some elements of Animal Crossing. It’s even called a potential new Animal Crossing by so many. So the inclusion of Sea Dangling or fishing was only natural. However, you do not own a fishing rod in the game. The process can be a bit confusing for new players. So, if you are wondering how to fish in the game, read further as we will guide you with how to Sea Dangle in Ooblets.

How to Sea Dangle in Ooblets

To Sea Dangle in Ooblets, you need to first find the spot, the Pier in Badgetown is one spot where you can perform the activity. In order to start fishing, you have to walk to the edge of the pier. You will find all the gear to Sea Dangle on the ground. You can interact with the gear by pressing A on the keyboard or left-click of the mouse. Once the menu opens, select Sea Dangle.

But, before you start fishing, you need to find bait.

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How to Get Bait in Ooblets

Without bait you cannot start fishing. To find bait in Ooblets, head to the Reconstitooter, it’s right beside the stairs to the pier where the fence ends. Put anything you don’t plan on using in the Reconstitooter and you will have your bait. The cans you find around the town can be used to make a bait, put them in the Reconstitooter.

Besides, there are other things you can put in the Reconstitooter to make bait such as trash you fish out, crops, and shells. Each item has a certain amount of Slurry and it requires 10 Slurry to make one bait. Once you have the bait, you can go Sea Dangling.

How to Fish in Ooblets

Now that you have the fishing gear and the bait, head to the edge of the pier at the Sea Dangling sport and press the A key on the keyboard or the left-mouse click. From the screen that pops up, choose the bait and confirm. Once you do that, hang on and watch the video, soon you will catch a fish once the video ends. What you catch varies and is random.

That’s all you need to know to Sea Dangle or catch fish in Ooblets. Check out the Ooblets category for more tips and tricks. You can open the category by clicking on the Ooblets at the start of the post, right above the title.   

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