How to Repair Armor in Grounded

How to Repair Armor in Grounded

Like most games, the armor in Grounded can deteriorate after it’s taken hits from soldier ants, spiders, and other insects. When you are injured and have to respawn, the hit taken by the armor is substantial. You always have the option to get a new armor, but not all armors are easy to get. For some you have to spend hours finding resources and can be a strenuous task. In such a situation, repairing the armor will renew it to its old capabilities. For this, the game has armor glue and super armor glue that are both capable of repairing the armor. Stick around and we will show you how to repair armor in Grounded.

How to Repair Armor in Grounded

You can repair the armor using the Armor Glue or the Super Armor Glue. When you want to perform a repair of a specific armor, the game will inform you about the resources required to perform the repair and you need to have those things to make the repair. If you want to repair the Bee Armor, you need one super glue. Similarly, to repair the ant armor, you need one armor glue. In order to craft the repair kit, you need certain materials. Here are the materials you need to craft the armor.

Armor glue

  • Three mite fuzz – To collect Mite Fuzz, you have to kill Mite found close to logs.
  • Two sap – Sap appears on trees. They are small yellow blobs. The best place to find Sap in Grounded in on fallen twigs or branches.
  • One woven fiber – The Woven Fiber is not a resource you can directly pick from the ground or anywhere else, instead you have to make it from Plant Fiber using the Analyzer. The Plant Fiber can be found on the ground, which has to be analyzed by the Analyzer. This will unlock the recipe for Woven Fiber. Once you have the recipe, you can craft the item in the Materials tab from the Crafting Menu.  

Super armor glue

  • One berry leather – To unlock the Berry Leather recipe you have to collect Berry Chunk. Once it’s unlocked, you can craft the Berry Leather by gathering resource – 3 x Berry Chunk. You can chop Berry Chunk from Berry Tree.
  • Four spider silk – Spider Silk can be obtained from the spider web or by killing spider.

Once you have the items, head over to the Inventory and right-click the specific armor that needs repairing. You should notice an option to perform the repair. Click on Repair and you will be able to see the repair kit you need to perform the process. The armor can be repaired at any point in the game; however, the amount of damage does not change the cost. Even a less damaged armor will cost the same as a fully damaged one.

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