Grounded: Where to Find the Fallen Oak Branch

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The robot companion BURG.L you meet at Grounded’s Oak Tree Lab will often give you tasks throughout the duration of the game. Upon completing these missions, you will be rewarded with Raw Science, which can be used to buy improved base and item recipes from him. These tasks include but are not limited to, placing markers in new areas of the map. Doing this will force you to explore new territory in Grounded. However, it can be a difficult task to navigate through these new areas. The Fallen Oak Branch is one such area where you have to place a marker according to the mission assigned to you by BURG.L. In this guide, we shall tell you where to find the Fallen Oak Branch in Grounded.

How to Find the Fallen Oak Branch in Grounded?

The location of Fallen Oak Branch can be found towards the southeast of the Mysterious Machine. You can’t miss it on a map, as it has the unique shape of a fallen branch of a tree.

This is one of the least dangerous parts of the game, as the bugs here are rather harmless and there aren’t even that many ants. There are many fallen twigs close to the branch, many of which are dripping with sap, making this an ideal location for farming a large quantity of sap. You can grow dried grass, sap, grass, sprigs, and clover here, which are all useful early game items.

Finding the Marker on the Fallen Oak Branch in Grounded

Once you know where Fallen Oak Branch is located, finding the marker is a breeze. You need to make a trail marker using the following items in order to finish the task:

Simply plant the marker that you have built in the spot shown in the image below which is on the Fallen Oak Branch itself, to complete this mission. You will get some Raw Science points as a reward, using which you can buy recipes for upgrades and items from BURG.L.

That was all on where to find the Fallen Oak Branch for this guide. We regularly post new content on Grounded, please check it out by clicking on this link. Thank you for reading this article.

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