Grounded: How to Build a Floor

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In Grounded, one of the key gameplay systems is base building, providing players with protection from the title’s numerous perils. While some players will undoubtedly notice that floors cannot be added to their bases immediately in this new survival game, others may wonder how they can gain access to this structural feature.

Continue reading further to learn how to build a Floor in Grounded.

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How to Build a Floor?

Players should start by working through Grounded’s story quests to build floors. After reaching the quest that asks them to investigate the explosion at the oak tree, they should head there in the game.

While exploring the oak tree, you will eventually reach the laboratory where the robot BURG.L is located. This kind of person sells Raw Science recipes and plans that are earned by completing in-game quests. A chip is on the floor next to him: The Grassland Burg.l Chip. Pick it up and handover it over to Burg.l, who will reveal some new options in the Raw Science store.

The floor option below unlocking the multi-story base chip costs 1000 Raw Science. This takes about 3-4 days of in-game challenges and exploration. Acquiring requires effort, but it allows you to create multi-level strongholds with floors and stairs.

After purchasing from BURG.L, players can return to the base and build floors at a rate of 4 grass planks per panel. In Grounded, these grass planks are obtained by chopping down blades of grass with an axe. Players will need a few of these if they want their entire base on the ground.

So, this is how you build floors in Grounded. Be sure to read our other guides, so you have all the information you need to play the game.

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