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How to Regurgitate a Chowchow in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has various plant life that can give you random rewards if you know how to work them. These plants are unique, as you have to either burn them or make them regurgitate to expel the rewards from them. Such is the case of the Chowchow, where the rewards are hidden inside it. There is a way to pull it out, which we will see how to do in this guide.

How to Regurgitate a Chowchow in Tower of Fantasy

Most of the plants that require unique techniques to get rewards are marked on the map as points of interest, so they are easy to spot if you wish to get some quick loot. Here we will see how to regurgitate one of the points of interest called the Chowchow in Tower of Fantasy.

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You can spot a Chowchow by its large purplish and blue-tinged leaves and large blueish tendrils that point towards the sky. They are quite populous as well, as they can be discovered across all regions. If you visit the grasslands and cliffsides, you can come across a couple of them.

They have hidden treasures inside them, and you need to make them regurgitate to expel the rewards. The hint given when interacting with a Chowchow is that they like water. Water Cores can be found all around them. Just pick them up and toss them right at the center of the Chowchow, making them throw up the rewards. You will usually get Gold or Black Nucleus, some XP, and Exploration Points if this is your first time coming across a Chowchow.

That’s all there is to know about the Chowchow in Tower of Fantasy. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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