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How to Recover from Trauma in Back 4 Blood

How to Recover from Trauma in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is a newly released survival horror game that is getting very popular worldwide. It is the Successor of Left 4 Dead but much more complicated. One of the most complicated things about this game is getting the trauma damage. This makes the game a lot more challenging to complete.

Trauma in Back 4 Blood is a state where after the damage, you lose your maximum health. Trauma needs to treat urgently; otherwise, your game will end in the middle. In this article, we’ll talk about how to treat trauma.

How to Recover from Trauma in Back 4 Blood

It is pretty hard to treat trauma. Healing items that you use to heal normal health loss won’t work for trauma. But there are some ways to recover from trauma.

  • You can use a First Aid Room to heal your trauma. First Aid rooms contain weapons and ammunition also. You need a toolkit to open the room. If you have a toolkit, you can find the locations of the First Aid rooms on the map.
  •  Another method of recovering from trauma is to complete a level inside the safehouse. Medkits and painkillers can temporarily regain your health but can’t recover you fully from trauma. If you finish your level inside a safe house, your trauma will be completely healed at the next level’s beginning.

These are the ways you can use to recover from your trauma. Trauma is not that simple to deal with; the bandages, pain killers, or active cards can’t help you recover from it. Therefore, trauma is the most complicated damage to deal with and if you are confused about how to recover from it, go through the above guide to know how to recover from trauma in Back 4 Blood.

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