How to Make Troll Hide Armor in Valheim

How To Make Troll Hide Armor in Valheim

Troll Hide Armor gives you the element of stealth in Valheim, be it for attacks on mobs or for the purpose of hunting. Although there are no special stealth quests in the game, you can always gain advantage over an enemy when you do a sneak attack. This makes it one of the most desired armor in the game especially during the initial stages when you in the first few biomes. Later in the game, you will require better armor, but those require advanced resources you won’t find in the Meadows, Black Forest, or the Swamp Biomes. Keep scrolling through the guide and we will show you how to make Troll Hide Armor in Valheim.

How to Get Troll Hide Armor in Valheim

To get the Troll Hide Armor in Valheim, you will have to craft four separate items in the game that together create the Troll Hide Armor set and give the stealth effect. The four items in the set includes:

Troll Leather Pants

The item is what the name says, it is pants made of the Troll Hide. You have to use the Workbench to craft the item. To craft the Troll Leather Pants, you need 5 Troll Hide.

Troll Leather Tunic

The Troll Leather Tunic also requires the Workbench to craft and resource required to make it is 5 Troll Hide. It’s the same as above.

Troll Leather Helmet

Also requires the Workbench and is part of the Troll Hide Armor set. You require 5 Troll Hide and 3 Bone Fragments to make the item.

Troll Hide Cape

Like it says, this a cape made from the Troll Hide and other resources. To craft the cape, you require 10 Troll Hide and 10 Bone Fragments. When you have crafted all four items, you will have the sneaky effect of the Troll Hide Armor set. In total, you require 25 Troll Hide and 13 Bone Fragments to craft the entire set. You can upgrade each item in the set to attain maximum stealth.   

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