How to Make a Thick Rope in My Time at Sandrock

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In My Time at Sandrock, players need to do numerous activities, and crafting items is one of the primary among them. There are many things to craft in My Time at Sandrock, and Thick Rope is one of the essential among them.

Thick Rope is required to complete a lot of activities in the game. This guide will help you know how to make a Thick Rope in My Time at Sandrock.

Crafting Thick Rope in My Time at Sandrock- What is Needed to Make it?

Thick Rope is a refined crafting material that players can use to complete missions or make other items.  To craft a Thick Rope in My Time at Sandrock, the first and the most important thing players need is the Thick Rope Blueprint. Players need to purchase it from the Commerce Guild Store run by Yan at the Commerce Guild. The Commerce Guild is located on the opposite side of The Blood Moon Saloon. This Commerce Guild Store sells a lot of things, including the Blueprint of the Thick Rope. The blueprint of the Thick Rope costs around 16 to 18 Gols.

Except for the Blueprint, players need 4 Plant Fibers and one Worktable to craft the Thick Rope. Gathering Plant Fibers is not a difficult task as they are found in the Wood piles, shrubs, Plants like Oregano, Tumbleweeds, etc. Therefore, you don’t even need to put much effort into searching for the Plant Fiber. Once you gather the required items, go to your Worktable to craft Thick Rope. The Workbench craft Thick Rope instantly if you have enough Plant Fibers and store them in your inventory. You can use Thick Ropes in various missions, so it is better to craft as much as possible and store them to use later.

That’s all you need to know about crafting Thick Rope in My Time at Sandrock.  If you want Thick Ropes to complete a mission or craft a new item, follow our guide to know how to make Thick Rope.

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