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How to Kill Armored and Shield Enemies in Modern Warfare 2

How to Kill Armored and Shield Enemies in Modern Warfare 2

Armored enemies are a fun way to ramp up the difficulty and make the fight more challenging. You will start to come across armored enemies from the third chapter, and they will get more and more as you progress. At first, the armored enemies may seem daunting. If you just spray an SMG on them, it can take one whole round to kill a single enemy, and the time you take to switch the round or reload will be the end of you. Also, there are enemies with shields that do not take any weapon damage due to the shield. So, how do you kill the armored and shielded enemies in Modern Warfare 2? Keep reading and we will show you.

How to Kill Armored Enemies in Modern Warfare 2

If you are mid-way through the game, you probably already know the trick to take down the armored enemies. Armored enemies have a shield and a helmet. When you hit them, you will see both icons appear on the screen. Breaking the shield takes a lot of time, but not the helmet. You can break the helmet in a few shots and then headshot the armored guard.

How to Kill Armored Enemies in Modern Warfare 2

This is the only quick way to take down these types of enemies. At the game’s later stages, you will be required to take on multiple – as many as five – armored enemies at a time. You will need to headshot them to finish them fast.

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How to Kill Shield Enemies in Modern Warfare 2

Shield enemies are easier to kill than armored ones. You just need to get them to move the shield and expose their body. If you manage to do that. They can be killed in a single shot. Frags and grenades are the best for the job.

You can also quickly move around them if you are in tight corner, but it’s best to stay away from them; use a frag. When you use a frag, they will be disoriented and expose the body, take your shot then. Using a grenade can kill them instantly without the need to get in a fight or waste a bullet.  

So, this is how you take down armored and shield enemies in Modern Warfare 2, check out the game category for more guides and tips to play the game.  

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